Krypton Tutors acknowledges the fact that accessibility to tutors, especially in the times of this pandemic and online schooling, exacerbates education inequality. As graduates of TJHSST, we have been involved in the talks about what causes the disparity in race outcomes of the former application process, and everyone concludes that the cause is education inequality. To fully solve it, we need broad action by local government, but in the meantime Krypton Tutors would like to do everything possible to minimize education inequality and thus has decided to facilitate a free tutoring service for those who cannot afford a tutor on their own. We tutor students from elementary through high school, but would prefer to focus on younger students because that’s where we believe we can make the biggest impact.

What We Offer

Currently, we have three tutors that can offer 2 hours a week in voluntary tutoring, for a total of 6 hours total per week. To signup for these spaces, please email us at Hopefully, we will be able to recruit more tutors to expand on what we are able to offer right now.

To Potential Tutors

If you believe in this initiative and would like to offer your time to help, please email us at and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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