As alumni from TJ, our TJ prep can help your child not only get into TJ, but also succeed at the nation's #1 high school. After spending dozens of hours a day at TJ for four years, we know all about it. We have been following the recent--drastic--changes to the admissions process, and we have the expertise to guide you through it. From the application process to freshman biology to the senior year college admissions process, our online tutoring will help your child overcome every single one of the numerous challenges they will face.

We help with other subjects as well. Whether that be math, english, science, or even specialized topics like AMC and MATHCOUNTS prep, we have almost every major subject covered between our several tutors. Every one of our tutors has a rigorous math background and specializes in multiple other STEM topics. And outside of STEM, our tutors still received perfect or near-perfect scores on the AP tests for humanities, such as literature and history.

Combined with our years of experience in helping others digest and practice new subjects, we are prepared to help your child in a variety of subjects for a fraction of the cost of larger companies such as C2 and Kumon.

TJ Prep for Admissions

With an admissions rate of only around 15%, it's no wonder TJ is the #1 high school in the nation. The TJ admissions process is a complicated and extremely competitive process. Especially given the many changes established within the past year, you may be confused, and we are here to help. We know how to get into TJ because we've done it, and closely followed the negotiations and agreements made to change it this year. We can help your child succeed in every element of the new admissions process. We know what kind of students TJ wants, and our TJ prep will help your child get there. Our rate for all admissions test TJ Prep is only $30.

TJ Prep for Freshman Year and Beyond

Getting accepted to TJ is the easiest part of the experience. Over 15% of TJ freshmen will drop out by the end of their senior year. This is partially because many TJ Prep classes focus only on doing well on the admissions test, and students come in unprepared to handle the rigor of the classes. As alumni of TJ, we can help your student with the challenging TJ curriculum and advise them in the essential study and test-taking skills that are expected of all TJ students. Our tutoring will decrease the stress of these classes by increasing your child's understanding and intuition about their concepts, and free up time to spend studying other subjects or participating in other activities. We can tutor you concurrently with each class, and with our prices lower than alternative options, your savings will add up quickly.


TJ's math curriculum is even harder than the math found on the admissions test. Because of the fast pace, increased rigor, and the fact that most students have not been exposed to Statistics, many freshman get C's and D's on their first Freshman Statistics tests. The truth is, to get an A in TJ math, students have to be prepared to spend a disproportionate amount of time on it. Our TJ prep will help.

Computer Science

Foundations Computer Science is a graduation requirement for TJ students, and most students take it freshman year. Many TJ students are experienced with Computer Science before freshman year, so in order to compete at competitions like HackTJ, it's important to learn the fundamentals of Computer Science. We can help your child through every Computer Science class that TJ offers from Foundations to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. To learn more about our computer science tutoring, click here.

Design and Tech

Design and Tech is one of TJ's most unique classes. From the basics of CAD to electronics to the dreaded robot project, it's also one of the most stressful classes of Freshman year. We can help teach your child with CAD, electronics, Arduino, and anything else needed to help reduce the stress and increase your child's grade in this class.


After breezing through middle school science classes, TJ freshmen are often caught unguarded by Freshman Biology. In fact, the biggest wave of TJ dropouts happens right after the first few Biology quizzes. Our TJ prep will help your child learn everything they need to excel in their Freshman Biology class.


While most TJ students have learned some study and testtaking skills by the time they have to take Sophomore Chemistry, they are often unprepared for the sheer volume of information thrown at them during their Chemistry classes. Our tutors can help your child digest and understand the core concepts of this course.


TJ Physics is a big part of why Junior Year is the hardest year of TJ. While Biology and Chemistry are primarily information based, TJ Physics relies heavily on Math, making it especially difficult for students who have not yet taken Calculus. Not only will we help your child learn the mathematical concepts that are essential to Physics, we can also help them develop an important intuition for Physics problems.


While TJ is a STEM school, it holds you to high standards in all classes, including English. Many STEM-oriented students do not find English to be their strong suit and are unprepared for the challenges of IBET, which requires you to write a multi-page research paper, or the following years of rigorous english instruction. Teachers often challenge students to write long papers in formats they’ve never experienced before, and this can be daunting. Students are required to take AP level humanities classes to graduate, and these classes require high quality writing to be churned out multiple times a quarter. We can prepare your student for that and anything else TJ english teachers may throw at them.

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